Krein Law Firm

Areas of Practice

Responsible Legal Assistance

Personal injury

Representing clients in the state and federal courts in Virginia and the District of Columbia who have been severely harmed by the negligence of others, including victims of negligent drivers, survivors of those killed, patients suffering through the failure of physicians and hospitals to act as reasonably prudent practitioners are required to, consumers and users of products with manufacturing and design defects, victims of assault and battery, malicious prosecution and abuse of process, fraud and misrepresentation. 

Criminal Defense

Representation and counseling of people accused of crimes in the state and federal courts in Virginia and the District of Columbia, specifically including people who are the targets of criminal investigation protect themselves before they are charged with criminal offenses.

Civil Litigation

Extensive experience in state and federal courts representing clients in complicated legal disputes concerning contract, real property, and civil rights. Decades of experience litigating claims against the state and federal governments and defending clients against governmental claims. Extensive experience  defending and prosecuting Will contests and other fiduciary relationships, broad and extensive experience in real estate litigation, including land use, environmental, eminent domain, transactional disputes, title claims, and boundary disputes.